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Pedal box / balance bar original race spec.

£517.50 ex vat

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Product Balance Bar Pedal Box (including Balance Bar)
Part Number RACE26RPB1
Description Kelsport 26R balance bar pedal box (RHD).

Including Balance Bar, part ref: RACEBBPB02.

LHD Pedal Box, as above, RACE26RPB2 is also available at £599.00

Balance Bar Adjuster Cable Also available sold separately (Part Number – RACEBBPB05)

Please note: There were never any LHD Lotus 26R cars and so fitting a LHD pedal box requires care.

Ensure the steering column and dashboard are located along with the pedal box as a loose fit. If the pedal box is fitted first the steering may not fit onto the dashboard and may risk hitting the pedal box.

Prepare a loose fit and mark everything before cutting holes.

It is a tight fit and will work well if prepared with care.

Any problems regarding fitment, do not hesitate calling (or email) a member of our experienced team for advice.

Underneath is the piece needed for the Left-Hand pedal box accelerator pedal.

Designed and manufactured here at Kelvedon Lotus Ltd, Lincolnshire, England.

Also Available, our addition to go with our Pedal Box Kit, Accelerator Pedal Stop.

Part Ref: RACE26RPS (pictured below) available separately.


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