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News 08/02/2019. We now have FIA papers for our Race Elan Roll Cage.. Congratulations to Kelvedon Lotus….

News 30/01/2019. Work shop is now open and busy. it looks like we are full of work for about a year. Restorations and fabrications.

News 30/01/2019.  Facebook viewings has accelerated recently and we have hundreds of followers. If you want to keep up to date with new lines, then please follow the news on facebook.

News 30/01/2019. Please can we apologise if we appear to be a little slow, we are surprised how busy we are….anyone need a job?

News 17/07/2018. Well, the sun is out and the website despite some teething problems is working well. We need to sharpen it up and there is so much more to add, it all takes time but finally we have moved to new technology and once we have gained familiarity it is going to be great!!! thank you for your patience.

News 25/06/2018. Well, this week we will launch our new web site, indeed its this web site. It is new to us and we will soon be the boss of it. It will be updated almost every day and will change its shape as we learn what people like to see.

News 10/06/2018. We are continuing with steady restoration of a beautiful yellow S1 Europa. The restoration and race preparation of a Europa 47GT is also just beginning. An original 26R build and restoration is almost about to begin. As you can see our workshop is also nearly completed and ready for high quality work.

News 27/05/2018. If you want to keep in touch with the new lines and new offers the best way to see these is to join us on Facebook. KelvedonLotusFacebook.

News. The new website is just about to go live, you can order what you need and we can finally have control of the technology.

News 15/03/2018. New location for the business, a long hard slog to get moved and slowly settling down. Still a great amount to do but hopefully this will help us onwards to a better place.

News. Its been a hard slog to move premises. We have now moved to the new address Northgate Mill, Northgate, Pinchbeck, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE113SQ. This change has broken the link the previous location (Kelvedon Motors) and the previous owner Mr Pat Thomas who is now longer associated with the business in any way. 

News 29/08/2017. New website gathers momentum. A great deal to do but with Word press and Fast hosts I think we have a good customer friendly solution. Being one of the first niche lotus players to have a website we hope that with link to social networks that we can step into the future with version 2 of the Kelvedon website.

News. New FIA approved Lotus Elan roll cage. Certified and soon to be available. Price is expected to be around £5000. This is a bolt in and bolt out roll cage.