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Payment Methods

We prefer internet banking particularly for large sums of money as this reduces our costs and can allow a small discount on large orders. It is also very secure.

We accept (Master card and Visa) Credit cards, Debit cards, Cheques. We also accept cash. To give us your card details either call us or you can send the details in two emails to safeguard your data.

International bank transfers are increasingly common and are more complex for the customer. If used we ask that all bank charges are paid at source and by the customer.

We currently do not offer Paypal as a payment method, as we are aware of the very high charges us as a business incur, and prefer not to use this service.

We will soon have a virtual terminal supported by Barclays bank (EDPQ) and this will allow a Paypal type payment system which we see as preferable to Paypal.

We can provide all banking details as you require.



BANK Lloyds Bank Bingham Branch.