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Rear Panel Series 3 and Sprint DHC

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Product Rear Panel Series 3 and Sprint DHC
Part Number ELANRP01
Description Originally Millboard, now made in Fibreglass.


Interior Carpet Board Fitment

These GRP boards take the place of the original hardboard and millboard parts, and are impervious to damp damage.

They appear overly flexible when out of the car, but once covered with carpet and fitted to the interior, they look as original, their flexibility making them much easier to fit.

First fit the bare board into the car, it should not need any alteration, but if some fettling is required, it cannot be done with a pair of snips or a file.

On the side boards, mark the position of the tags on the side frame, remove the boards from the car and drill fixing holes where marked.

Cover the boards with carpet, raw edge at the front and turning the carpet over by about 2 inches (25mm) to stick on the rear edge. Make small holes in the carpet over the holes. Do not yet trim the carpet at the door aperture.

Fit the boards into the car with black self-tapping screws through the drilled holes into the frame tags.

Stick the carpet securely to the body round the door aperture.

When the adhesive is thoroughly dry, trim off the excess carpet round the aperture.

A similar fitting for the DHC, fit the bare backboard first, then cover with carpet, raw edge at the top, and centre back against the tunnel. All other sides have the carpet folded over the edge by about 2 inches (25mm) and stick on the reverse.

Secure with 11 twin screws through the top edge of the carpet board and rear metal rail, to the hood tray, and with a self-tapping screw into the body either side of the tunnel.


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