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Non FIA Roll Cage – Unpainted


Product Non FIA Roll Cage – Unpainted
Part Number RACERB001
Description This is a non FIA certified cage built using our normal FIA jigs.

The cage has welded brackets and comes in a front cage and rear cage format.

Can be made in T45 top grade steel if required, please enquire for current price.

Please enquire if you require front cage only or rear cage cage only.

The cage is unpainted and can be painted to your choice of colour at an extra cost.

This cage would be ideal for road and track days or events that do not require FIA certification.

Please note these require a short period of fabrication and or painting, from point of order.

Door bars extra cost 40.00 each unpainted. please order using RACERB002.

Note the price of steel is affecting the prices of cages.



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