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Product FIA Roll Cage
Part Number RACERB000
Description Fits Elan S1-S4 / 26R


This is a comprehensive, roll cage for the Elan. It is not the lightest but it is a very strong cage. The rear roll hoop is made in T45 and tig welded to the very latest MSA / FIA spec. The smaller parts are CDS steel and MIG welded to meet the stress tests expected by FIA. Together this makes a super strong cage.


The Roll cage is unpainted and can be powdercoated to your colour requirmenets at extra cost (£350)


Integrated door bars, roof bars, sill bars and another very important edition is the seat is mounted on brackets from the roll cage. It’s OK having a roll cage but if the seat is only mounted to the flimsy fibreglass of the body floor as we all know when you have an accident with a fibreglass car, HOWEVER, we are now able to supply our newly designed alloy floor panel to replace the flimsy fibreglass. The seat can now be mounted directly to this new floor panel stopping the seat becoming detached in an accident. This panel also allows for more seat adjustment making it an all round package to include taller/larger drivers etc.


Our part number ref is RACEDSFP for the floor pan. Please call and discuss this vitally important part of the racing and track day experience.




Please note – We also have our own made to measure Willans seatbelts.


Elan Rear Bar 14Kg

Front  Over Screen Bar 2.6Kg

Foot and Sill Bar 4.6Kg (x2)

Over Door/Side Bar 5.5kg (x2)

Side Intrusion Bar 2.6Kg (x2)

Seat Bars 1Kg (x2)

Roof Bars 2.1Kg (x2)

Total Weight: 48.2Kg for TOTAL safety.

STOP PRESS: A newly extended safety certificate allows us to make a 100% T45 steel roll cage, This will be TIG welded and is now available to order. Whilst the above cage is extremely strong and is certificated with MSa and FIA certificates, this new extension covers a much stronger and lighter cage. Total weight to be confirmed and expected to be 5Kg lighter than the cage above. (Price will only be confirmed once known).

Photo copied from the FIA certificate.

Cage is to be sold as complete kit in order to carry the certifcation. The cage CANNOT be certified if fitted piece meal and would not be successfully scrutineered.


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