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Drive shaft 3 bolt / 3 bolt. Race spec.

£675.00 ex vat

2 in stock


Product Race 3 Bolt 3 Bolt Driveshaft
Part Number RACEDS03
Description Dynamically balanced sliding spline, Teflon coated larger sized UJ driveshafts.

3 bolt, 3 bolt set-up.

No more driveshaft coupling failures!

Sold as a pair.

We also stock the appropriate bolt kit – RACEDSBKIT02

These are made of highest grade German steel with top quality UJ’s. Teflon coating stops the gradual wear associated with greased shafts.

Probably the strongest and most reliable available.

The price has recently increased as we have reduced the weight by 200g per shaft. Now these shafts are probably the strongest and lightest available. the reduced weight reduces inertia in the transmission and improves fast starts and responsiveness.

These shafts now weigh 5.2KG each…This makes them probably the lightest and strongest in the market


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