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Concentric Clutch Kit – Hydraulic

£355.80 ex vat

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Product Concentric Clutch Kit
Part Number RACECCK01
Description This is a complete concentric clutch kit to fit all 4 speed 2000E Ford gearboxes found in Elans.

Does away with all the old arm clips and slave cylinder that gets cooked by the exhaust.

Ideal for race applications with sintered clutches.

Image shows a selection of the kit.

Kit contains:

1x     RACEGB08D           Front Oil Seal
1x     RACECRB3             Clutch Release Bearing
1x     RACECSC               Slave Cylinder
1x     RACECSCA             Slave Cylinder Mount
1x     RACECSCS02         Slave Cylinder Spacer
3x     RACECSCS1           Cap Screw
3x     RACECSCS2           Cap Screw
3x     GOOD10324-03P    Male to Male Adaptor
5x     GOOD44516-03     Copper Washer
1x     GOOD6091-03P     Hose Fitting
1x     GOOD6046-03P     Hose Fitting
1x     GOOD443-03BNP   Bleed Screw
1x     GOOD924-03P       Nut
GOOD600-03         Braided Hose
1x     GOOD8092-03P     Banjo Fitting
1x     GOOD775-03P       Banjo Bolt


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