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ROLL CAGE T45 TIG FIA approved

£3,750.00 ex vat

1 in stock


Product Roll cage T45 Tig.
Part Number RACERB21

TIG welded, 100% T45 Steel and certified in 2017, making this the latest certified roll cage. This is a bolt in and bolt out cage which has complete FIA certification and allows easy removal and fitting. It also allows for individual parts to be replaced if necessary.

This a robust cage and puts safety ahead of other concerns.


2 x 6.2kg  Side/Over Bars

1 x 4.0kg   Front Bar

2 x 3.2kg   Side Impact

1 x 2.6kg   Front Over Screen

2 x 2.6kg   Side Bars

2 x 1.4kg   Front Bars

2 x 1.4kg   Roof Bars

2 x 1.3kg  Seat Bars

1 x 13.3kg Rear Hoop

Total 52.1kg



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