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26R Lightweight Series 1 Body Early Type (Big Wing)

£5,999.00 ex vat

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Product 26R Big Wing Lightweight Body
Part Number RACEB13



26R Big Wing Lightweight Body made from original moulds, weight 44 Kg. This is without side bars which are rarely needed if racing a car with full cage.

This cage is from the original 26R pattern / mould. As such it comes with a standard exhaust tunnel and spare wheel bump. Whilst many modifications can be made this is the original early 26R spec.

Side bars with the extra bonding will add about 3.5Kg

A standard early elan body fully stripped weighs 78Kg.

If you are starting to build a competitive race elan, the lightest body shell is your biggest weight consideration giving a saving of 25.5Kg, a 32% saving in weight. This can help reduce costs later on in the build.

ALSO depending upon the time of adjustment eg during build or after build options below.

1) Side/Sill lattice strengthening,  Also Available in Aluminium for rust free and light weight.

2) Headlamp mounting panels.

3) Adjusting to and from Chinese eye.

4) Large exhaust tunnel.

5) Lowered bulkhead to clear extra space beneath carburettors.

6) Narrowed bulkhead on exhaust side to reduce heat build up.

7) Foam filling under the arches to stop stone chips.


Body shell comes in primer and requires work prior to painting.

Price for basic shell 4100.00 and can be adjusted to your needs



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