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Damper (Rear) RACE Fixed Platform Wet

£625.00 ex vat

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Product RACE Fixed Platform Rear Wet Damper
Part Number RACEFPRWD01
Description This is a new rear damper.

There is no internal traditional damper tube insert.

As there is no inner damper insert, the design allows 100% more oil inside the tube.

The benefit is exceptional damping performance under all loads, excellent temperature control and longer lasting consistent performance under pressure.

Due to the design we have adjustment on both bump and rebound (using same adjuster).

The valving and bushes are all new and built inside a new tube.

They are available in both threaded adjustable AND non threaded Fixed platform with shims.




Available in threaded ride height for 2.5inch narrow springs (Non FIA appendix K) RACEAPRWD01.


Available in fixed platform type 2.5inch narrow springs with shims to adjust the ride height. These are appropriate and ready for your HTP papers RACEFPRWD01.


They can be made bespoke to your requirments, they are dyno’ed pairs and are completely rebuildable and repairable.

These dampers are matched left and right and also front to rear so ideally bought as set. We will sell fronts as pair or rears as a pair.


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