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5 speed racing gearbox – 2000E

£4,500.00 ex vat

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Product Lotus/Ford 2000E 5 Speed Racing Gearbox
Part Number RACE5SB01


Ever since the potential of the Ford Anglia 105E was realised, and the power band of Kent based engines had grown higher and narrower. A five speed gearbox was sought to enable the full potential of the OHV and Twin Cam engines to be realised. Mike Hewland responded to this with a five speed version of the Cortina 2000E gearbox. It made its debut with Dick Prior racing his Marcos at Snetterton in early March 1962, and won convincingly. After that, teams with the necessary budget were queueing up for them. They were used by the Ford Competition Department, Broadspeed Racing, Superspeed and Alan Mann Racing.The original application/intention was for the Cosworth formula junior 997cc engines, but, were found to be so versatile that they were fitted into Lotus Cortinas, Elans, Sevens, Ford Anglias, Cortina GT Mk1 & 2’s, GT500’s, Escorts, Marcos, TVR, etc. Whilst used by such teams as Wilment racing they were homologated into the 1300GT Ford Escort, Ginettas and Ford Anglias.

NOTE, Recent (october 2016) news from Japanese customer ” after one year of rallying this gear box has been fantastic and totally reliable”


Now re-manufactured from the very latest F1 transmission materials. These fully built five speed versions are available with iron, alloy or     magnesium casings.

1) They are heavy duty and built with latest F1 steel

2) They have caged needle roller bearings for minimum frcition and resistance.

3) They are not Straight cut but have a Helicol cut that is ‘almost straight’ thereby reducing noise and increasing strength.

4)  They have multiple dog engements and which are slightly chamfered to give smoother engagement.

5). The helices are cut in alternate direction so the thrust generated is halved between the front and rear bearings reducing stress and fatigue.

6)  The ratios offer an incredible first gear get away with choice of 3.042 and 2.94 (compared to 2.5 bullet box)

7)  The ratios from 2nd to 4th give a range of choices that exceed the normal three in a standard box.

RACE PROVEN   Completed the 6 hour Spa race without incident, in 2014 and won the class. Is competing regularly in international events in USA/ Japan and Europe.

BUILD   Gear casing requires machining internally to accept the extra gear. This is currently only available as built up box. NOTE The assembly and dissasembly proceedure is unlike a standard 2000E box.  In future a kit and instructions will be available at lower cost.

 MISCELLANEOUS    Top gear ratio in fifth is the same as fourth in a standard box. To achieve higher top speed, the final drive ratio should be altered. The advantage of this gearbox is the choice of one extra, closer ratio, middle gear to handle a variety of circuits.

As the gear box is quiet it can be used on the road with a diff conversion as above but will also drive comfortably to and from circuits.

RATIOS    1st – 3.042 (2.94 option) / 2nd – 1.78 / 3rd – 1.47 / 4th – 1.21 / 5th 1:1

IMPORTANT NOTE    The quoted price is a built up aluminium case/tail and bell housing. A donor box is appreciated.


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